Data Science

SparkR with OpenShift

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Let’s set up a data science workbench on OpenShift (docker/kubernetes). The components will be an RStudio Server executing SparkR instructions to a remote Apache Spark instance, all hosted within a local OpenShift cluster instance. Examples include processing AWS S3 Bucket hosted data from Spark. So saddle up and ride ole’ Roxy all the way! This lab is another in […]


Secrets with OpenShift

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Listen, do you want to hear a secret? Actually, so far its been pretty easy because everything has been in the clear. Welcome to Kubernetes secrets with OpenShift. Mmmm, Cookies. This lab is another in the OpenShift MiniLabs series.


Narrative Workshop

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Want to wow your clients at your next workshop? Then read on for a workshop-on-workshops! You will learn how to facilitate a workshop that drives change and then walk away with a simple and reusable framework that emerged from DevOps project experience.