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Drools Rules Rsynchronicity

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This post continues experimenting with the sample application known as Weightwatcher to showcase a number of new technologies and techniques including: The all-in-one Vagrant image for OpenShift 3 The OpenShift Origin 3 oc rsync feature Drools 6.3.0.FINAL KIE Execution Server (Decision Server) A method for rule life cycle management with Containers


Narrative Workshop

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Want to wow your clients at your next workshop? Then read on for a workshop-on-workshops! You will learn how to facilitate a workshop that drives change and then walk away with a simple and reusable framework that emerged from DevOps project experience.


Change Through Story

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    This topic describes how one might approach the conduct of a Proof of Concept project as encountered in the context of enterprise software. The content suggests a generalizable methodology that can be tailored for a wide range of scenarios. An exemplar application is introducing new Cloud based architectures into an organisation such as […]